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This stylish artisan-made professional sommelier knife is a must-have item for wine lovers and industry professionals.


Comes with a sturdy tapered stainless steel worm to ensure smooth and quiet insertion into all wine corks. 


Single-lever arm provides for a quick and easy removal of cork.


The foil cutter features an one-of-a-kind 101-layers Damascus steel blade design, making this not only an artistic showpiece, but also an extremely functional part - this is certainly one of the sharpest foil cutter among all high-end professional sommelier's knives available. 


The handle is crafted out of nickel silver, with exotic wooden inlays made of Maple Burl, Cocobolo, Ebonywood or Japanese Tagayasan wood lined with brass.


About Athro

ATHRO is a brand of HOWA Cutlery Manufacturing in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, and is the leading brand of sommelier knives in Japan. Seki City in Gifu Prefecture has long been famous for its cutlery, and its know-how is traditional and has been passed down from generation to generation.

[athro] Damascus Ebonywood Handle Sommelier Knife

  • Specifications

    4-5/8" (120mm) S-shape hand polished and rounded handle, and weight 100g


    Choice of 4 wooded handles

    Maple Burl Wood Handle
    Cocobolo Wood Handle
    Ebonywood Handle
    Tagayasan Wood Handle

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