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​Current All-You-Can-Taste selection

mato team's favourites

Taste 12 wines chosen by mato's team. Find out more about who likes what. Travel around the world with us as this 1st anniversary special edition takes you through forgotten wine styles, and exciting indigenous grape varieties from all around the world. Last year when we began our journey, our very first All You Can Taste features 6 wines from all around the world. Now that we turn 1 year old, we increase that to 12 wines - more diverse, more unexpected and greater value than ever. Want to find out more about the 12 wines that we have chosen? Follow us on Instagram or simply, come and try!

all you can taste

wine tasting at your own pace and your own time

Wine Toast

most wine tastings are organized as fixed-time events. at mato, we want to change that and give you 100% say on when you want to taste great wines.


enjoy a monthly changing selection of all-you-can-taste wines selected by our team of wine educators and award-winning sommeliers anytime. we are happy to share all things fun to geeky with you - or simply, just let the wines talk and see which one best connects with you! take a look at our past, present and future all-you-can-taste lineups.

All you can taste calendar

Book of Grapes

from mainstream to exotic local grape varieties

Before mato was open, we sat down and asked ourselves, what's the one thing we want to share with wine lovers? The very first thing that comes into our mind is the amazing diversity of grape varieties. We then pondered, what's the one thing we want to encourage wine lovers to do? Unanimously, we wanted to steer them away from comfort zone choices. With those in mind, we curate our own Book of Grapes, a 150-selection wine list sectioned by questions prompting wine lovers' stylistic preferences. Simply, if you like Chardonnay,  we propose at least half a dozen of alternative grape varieties delivering similar flavours and textures for your exploration.

For those who like finer sips, our Little Black Book carries ready-to-drink back vintage wines from classic wine regions. Browse with care though as they say - once you go black, you can't go back.


At mato, we hope that you can come in with an open mind, leave with newly found surprises, and return with a curious palate. 

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