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come play and taste with us.

“Do one thing every day that scares you” Eleanor Roosevelt.

That underpins the adventurous spirit behind our crossovers and happenings. At mato, we push boundaries with flavour combinations to uncover new chemistry between food, coffee and wine. This game isn't just ours to play - we invite everyone who share our adventurous spirit to come play with us. Reach out to us if you'd like to collaborate with us :

mato x watsons
grower champagne weekend

One Saturday Only March 25, 2023 3 to 4:30pm

Come taste some of the best champagne growers, namely Pierre Péters, Franck Bonville, Pierre Paillard, Lacourte-Godbillon and Coessens and enjoy them with a selection of mato's best selling small bites! Here's the full selection of grower champagnes on March 25:

Côte des Blancs 


Franck Bonville, "Unisson" Grand Cru 

Franck Bonville, "Pur Avize" Avize Grand Cru 2014

Franck Bonville, "Les Belles Voyes" Oger Grand Cru 2014

Pierre Péters, Cuvée de Reserve Le Mesnil-sur-Oger Grand Cru

Pierre Péters, Cuvée Millésimée “L'Esprit” Le Mesnil-sur-Oger Grand Cru 2016

Pierre Péters, Cuvée Spéciale “Les Chétillons” Le Mesnil-sur-Oger Grand Cru 2015

Montagne de Reims


Lacourte-Godbillon, “Terroirs d’Écueil” Écueil Premier Cru

Lacourte-Godbillon, “Mi-Pentes” Écueil Premier Cru

Lacourte-Godbillon, “Millésime” Écueil Premier Cru 2014

Pierre Paillard, “Les Parcelles” Bouzy Grand Cru XVIII

Pierre Paillard, “Les Maillerettes” Bouzy Grand Cru 2017

Pierre Paillard, “La Grande Récolte” Bouzy Grand Cru 2012


Côte des Bar 


Coessens, “Blanc de Noirs” Largillier Monopole

Coessens, “Les Sens Boisés” Largillier Monopole

Coessens, “Millésime” Largillier Monopole 2015


$750 per person


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Open Monday to Sunday 1100 - 2300

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mato x deco
all you can taste sake

One Saturday March 11th 2023 12nn to 10pm

For one Saturday only, we brought in Sake Educator Oliver Chan and a series of fun and educational lineup of sakes from three sake breweries: 花巴,向井酒造,寺田本家. Come and discover the differences between three fermentation methods: Sokujo, Yamahai and Mizumoto. And be sure to sample the chemistry between Japanese sake and French cheeses as our sommeliers pair camembert with one of the featuring sakes. Who says Japanese sakes only go well with Japanese food?

$350 per person

mato x chokohood
chocolate x coffee x wine

Daily February 6th to March 6th 2023

Valentine's Day isn't the only reason why we launch chocolate x coffee x wine in February. At mato, we feel naturally obliged to bring these three fruits together. After all, cocoa beans, like coffee beans and grapes, come in a lot of different varieties and they all reflect the characteristics of their single origins. Together with Katie, The Chocolate Lady HK and founder of chokohood, we curate what is perhaps the very first chocolate, coffee and wine (all dry in style!) pairing experience. Must try includes Chuao Venezuela 70% dark chocolate and New Zealand's Millton super-aromatic white wine Les Trois Enfants. Come during daytime and our barista can serve up a Ethiopia washed hand drip to go with award-winning flavoured white chocolate Yirgacheffe 35!

$450 per person | $800 per couple


mato x good bbq
siu mei x coffee x wine

Daily January 5th to February 5th 2023

Siu Mei is one of Hong Kong's most-loved local eats. Together with Good BBQ, we curate a one-of-a-kind siu mei x coffee x wine pairing experience as the very first crossover collaboration at mato. Come and try a fun selection of siu mei - lamb charsiu, crispy pork belly, applewood smoked pork knuckle and mala spiced shredded chicken and duck; paired with 6 beverages at mato. Must try include Cold brew Costa Rica washed coffee; and a sparkling red from Italy "Vernaccia di Serrapetrona" with lamb charsiu!

$490 per person

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